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There’s this one thing that all photographers having to shoot a lot of photos hate: setting the correct keywords and metadata. While essential to properly catalog your photos, it takes ages to set the keywords, the titles and descriptions… Any sport, event or product photographers, shooting thousands of photos per day, can relate!

Joruna - Coming Soon

That’s were Joruna comes in the game: it’s a machine learning tool that will help the photographers to automate the metadata editing and keywording. Thousands of file can be properly tagged in just a few seconds!

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Summer Sales! -25% on all prints until Aug 31st.

Summer is back! Let’s save a bit of money for the cocktails on the beach with the summer sales by saving 25% on all the fine art prints for all orders until August 31st! No code, no fuss, just order and it’s done. It works of course for all the photos that can by found on this website, on my Urban photography Instagram or my Motorsport photography Instagram accounts.

I’ll be part of a new exhibition in Roma in February 2019, with the theme Bodies in Movement :

Bodies in Movement by Loosenart

The exhibition is organized by the LoosenArt gallery, in Rome. It’s the second time I’m part of an exhibition with this gallery… pretty cool! This time the photo is Ghost_02, from the Ghost project.

I’ll be part of a new exhibition in Roma in January 2019, on a theme I particularily like, Shadows :

Shadows exhibition by LoosenArt


The exhibition is organized by the LoosenArt gallery, in Rome. I’m pretty sad by the fact that I won’t be able to get there, but, well, as long as my photo is there… Talking about the photo, Long Legs has (again!) been the selected one.

Italy is the 4th country I get an exhibition in. I wonder where the next one will be…

A short article to brag about the fact that some of my photos are now available to be licensed on a “little website” known as Getty Images! It’s quite an achievement to get there, on the most reknown stock photography website in the world!

You’ll probably find some photos that have been published here. From Streets, or even the Ghost project… But there is also quite a lot of other stuff (in colors!!) that have never been featured on these pages.

The link to my photos is in the menu on the top… or just behind this link.