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Pierre Pichot, French guy living Orléans, France, after an 11 years stint in Romania. But the whole Europe and Asia are where I like to roam…. with my camera.


Urban photography is my main craft. I really enjoy roaming the streets finding the small interesting details in everyday’s life, observing an incredible scene formed with ordinary subjects which set themselves up in the right place, at the right time. I also love mixing architecture and graphical elements, sometimes they even become the subject, the human factor being on the second plan. My kind of photography may be instantaneous, may be carefully planned, but is never staged.


Have a look at my portfolio for my best urban and travel photos, read a few blog articles where I give a background to some of my photos as well as some reviews of gadgets I use, think about some nice original prints of my photos to hang on your walls, or just contact me for any information.


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