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Lightroom presets – Candid portrait

For this new Processing Tuesday let’s see a few new and free Lightroom presets for candid portraits, like the following one of an old man half asleep in the streets of Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Once again, 3 free Lightroom presets that I hope you’ll like: Candid portrait – Vibrant: With this preset, make the colors pop a […]

The subtle art of the subtle vignette

The vignette is the enemy. That’s a statement I’ve heard/read too many time. That’s not necessarily wrong, but it’s neither true. There are actually two kinds of vignette: The optical vignette from the lens (or even worse: from the stacked filters in front of your lens), that you can’t control, but hopefully you can still do […]

Five black knights

I crossed this group of black dressed people next to Piata Unirii in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Just after, having the sidewalk free, they spread in line, and walked like if they were in a movie. I immediately thought of the Nazguls, the infamous black knights (well… kings actually… nevermind) from The Lord of the Rings 😀 […]

The book shop, the cross and the umbrella

A woman with a round umbrella in front of a book shop in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I directly felt that I must take that shot. The strict, straight lines of the windows, of the shelves, of the books, contrast with the woman’s round umbrella and the light bulb. I did a the old black & white post […]