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OnSpot - Street Line - Bucharest Photo Week

Just a short notice for the people passing by Bucharest this week. I will be part of the exhibition StreetLine organized by the OnSPOT photography group during the Bucharest photo week! It’s the second year in a row that I am part of this exhibition, it’s always a great pleasure.

This year’s StreetLine theme focuses on the lines and the geometry of the streets, which is a you know one of my main interests in urban photography!

More info about the exhibition behind this link. The exhibition start on the 13th of September, until the 18th. The Bucharest Photo Week starts today.

Strangers in the Dark XXIV. Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2017.

Strangers in the Dark XXIV. Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2017. Part of the “Strangers in the Dark” projectGet a print!

This photo is definitely one of my favourites of 2017. The symmetry of that place is just incredible. The dark hole in the middle of the frame, the not yet lighted street, seems to suck all the light, and the main character of this photo, into its emptiness. Black hole vs bright lines, the fight of the contrasts is still raging out there! The graphic component of this photo is just incredible, typically what I’m expecting to find from a new building.

I must say it’s a photo I didn’t plan at all. I was just out testing my just received Sigma 50mm ƒ/1.4 Art lens when I came by this new “The Office” building. Being a brand new architecture I was expecting to find something interesting, one can say I got served, right? Keep in touch, part of the site is still in the works for a few weeks, I plan to go back there and get a few awesome shots!

By the way, the Sigma 50mm ƒ/1.4 Art is a great piece of glass, a review may come soon!

Strangers in the Dark project

Find out more about the Strangers in the Dark project here, and discover my favourite ongoing project!

Get a print!

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More about this photo

For me, it’s important to share as much info as possible about the photos I take. Therefore, here are the EXIFs for this photo:

  • Camera: Canon 6D
  • Lens: Sigma 50mm ƒ/1.4 Art
  • Aperture: ƒ/2.8
  • Focale: 50mm
  • Shutter speed: 1/60s
  • ISO: 400
  • Copyright: Pierre Pichot 2017, all rights reserved

Stairway to... Bucharest, Romania, 2016.

Stairway to… Bucharest, Romania, 2016.

My regular readers have now understood that I’m a very big fan of lines and graphical elements in my photos. It’s even something I really try to include in my photography, as my eyes are so attracted by geometrical shapes. During a recent trip to Bucharest I’ve found one of my new heavens… in a shape of a stairway.

It’s funny how in urban and street photography some great things happen when you don’t expect it. I don’t refer to the others’ behaviour, which is unexpected anyhow. I’m thinking about this kind of 6th sense that photographers tend to develop, like sniffing in the air that something is happening, that some place may be an interesting spot. It’s what happened when I was looking to buy a bottle of water close to Piata Unirii (Union Square). From all the shops around me, I’ve instinctively chosen the only one which was underground, with the entrance on one side, and the exit on the other side. And when reaching the exit… voilà.

I’ve found this metal stairway with walls made of undulated metal, such a great amount of lines! The sun was shining just in front of the exit, making the old man just a silhouette and the undulated metal shine in such an incredible way. I’ve just waited for the woman to reach the top of the stairs, and the photo was done. I wished I’ve shot more at this very spot, but the security guard was not in a good mood and asked me to leave. No problem, I know the place now, I’ll be back!

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  • Camera:Fujifilm X100T
  • Aperture: ƒ/5.6
  • Focale: 23mm
  • Shutter speed: 1/125s
  • ISO: 400
  • Copyright: Pierre Pichot 2016, all rights reserved