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Ghost project is finally done

It has been quite an adventure for me. It took a dozen trips, a few battles with stray dogs, a definite increase of my ninja skills, 1 dead memory card with a full day of shooting, 5 models (including yours truly), almost a thousand photos, a complete overhaul at mid project and a bunch of […]

A glimpse of light

A glimpse of light. Orléans, France, 2017. Get a print! Having moved backed in France, it’s a new playground for me. I know Orléans, my home town, quite well, of course. But as my passion for photography has developed when I was abroad, it is the first time I roam in its street with the […]

Ghost in the Stairs

Ghost in the stairs. Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2017. Get a print! Another night at my favourite train station. This time I let the station’s dock in peace for a dive in its underground passages. It’s a good spot to get some low angles shots, with people going down the stairs. I really like this photo. The […]