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A short article to brag about the fact that some of my photos are now available to be licensed on a “little website” known as Getty Images! It’s quite an achievement to get there, on the most reknown stock photography website in the world!

You’ll probably find some photos that have been published here. From Streets, or even the Ghost project… But there is also quite a lot of other stuff (in colors!!) that have never been featured on these pages.

The link to my photos is in the menu on the top… or just behind this link.

Fine art print - The Kiss

The Kiss. Get a print.

I was lucky enough to have a few orders from new and returning customers for fine art prints. I’m a big advocate of prints as it is for me the ultimate way to enjoy a photo. Some even say that a photo doesn’t even exist before it is printed! In this digital age this are not so black or white, but I do agree that a digital representation of a photo doesn’t do it justice.

All those photos are available on my shop. They are available in 3 default sizes, 45×30 cm 60×45 cm and 90×60 cm, printed on high quality paper, but any size or support is possible! Contact me to get a quote for any special order, for any of my photos, be on this site or on Instagram.

Good news for you fine art lovers! Thanks to a new partnership I have changed the range of available prints as follow:

  • Larger prints: having received only orders for 30×45 cm or larger prints (except one), I have taken out the smaller format, 20×30 cm, from the catalogue. But it remains available, as is any custom size, on special order. On the larger sizes I have introduced 60×90 cm prints.
  • Lower prices: the big deal of this new partnership is to provide lower prices for my fine art prints! I want you to be able to display my photos on your wall, and for that it is important to have a fair price.
  • More options: Do you prefer dibond instead of fine art paper? A larger, or smaller format, maybe with a different ratio? Everything is now possible, just contact me and we’ll find a soluton.
  • Tax reduction for companies: buying pieces of art for displaying in your company may positively affect your taxes by including a partial or full price of the pieces as a tax reduction.

See all my fine art prints.

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Great news! My own online shop for my prints is now open! It means that from now you’ll be able to order prints of my photos from the website and have it delivered to your home after a few days. I’ve only set up a few products for now, but it will expand pretty soon. I also plan on expanding the range of products, not having only prints but maybe some presets packages for street and black & white photography.

Please remember that ordering a print from me means having a bit of patience for a few days at least: for optimum quality I print on the go. This way I can monitor every step and avoid bad results, or stocked prints. All are freshly printed before being sent to you.

In order to celebrate this grand opening a 30% reduction coupon is available until September 30th, 2016: theshopisopen. This coupon works for any product, but only once per user.

I hope you’ll appreciate this new shop and with it, find a way to change the feeling of your room!

Find more about my printsGo to the shop.

The book shop, the cross and the umbrellaA woman with a round umbrella in front of a book shop in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

I directly felt that I must take that shot. The strict, straight lines of the windows, of the shelves, of the books, contrast with the woman’s round umbrella and the light bulb. I did a the old black & white post processing with Alien Skin Exposure 7, which is a fantastic tool for film-like processing.

[exif id=”373″]