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I’ve had the great pleasure of being interviewed by The Creative Cats, a collective of creative people from Instagram.

Read below for PART 1 of 3 of @thecreativecats interview with @pierrepichotphoto , a french photographer living in Romania. ☺ . Describing his photography as “graphic pieces of life”, Pierre Pichot, 31, started his journey through photography 3 years ago. 📷 . Like a lot of people, Pierre got his first DSLR because he thought it would help him take great photos. “However, I also tried to understand the basics of photography, not relying on Auto mode,” he said. 👓 . “Then during my vacation we drove through the magnificent Transfagarasan (Top Gear fans will know) and I took a few shots that were, let’s say, not that bad,” he explained. 👌 . After posting them online and receiving positive feedback, he delved deeper into the technicalities of photography: both on site techniques and post processing techniques.👀 . He began shooting brilliant street photography to show the world from a different perspective. “Street photography came a bit later on, when I discovered it’s more than just shooting people in the streets,” he stated. 👱💃 . “I like to keep the realism of the action, but put it in a much more graphic context,” he added. 👤 . With a love for dark ambiances, he creates imagery mainly in black. “I like those dark ambiances,  which is why my daylight photography is also quite dark,” he explained.❤ . . . . #streetphotography #photography #photographer #photographyislife #photo #instagood #life #bnw #blackandwhite #black #creative #thecreativecats #romania #france

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Part 2:

Read below for PART 2 of 3 of @thecreativecats interview with the amazing @pierrepichotphoto 📷 . Pierre found his affinity with monochromatic imagery and turned it into his personal signature. “It’s just how I see things. When I look at a scene, I see the content, the lines, the light, the contrast between the elements, and I see them in black and white. I’m just not attracted to colours,” he explained. 🎩 . Hoping to cultivate work that can be recognised, he strives to perfect capturing images in black and white. “I think it’s awesome when you can recognise one’s work even without knowing the piece of art before,” he said.🎨 . “It can be a photo, a movie, a song… That’s what I’m trying to do, have a style that I can, hopefully, one day, be recognised for,” he added. ⛺ . Aside from dark imagery, Pierre loves symmetry. “This is my eye candy. I love it when the background or the subject (or even better, both!) offer me symmetry,” he said. .○● “It really adds something to the graphical side I want to give to my photos,” he explained,  adding that it’s even better when this symmetry gives him strong leading lines. |||| . “Very often, the background is my subject, turning the people into a form of decoration and bringing the scene to life,” he explained. 🙌 . To create his images, he uses 2 cameras: a Canon 6D and a Fujifilm X100T. “I’ve been using the latter for a few months and it has been a game changer for me. It takes really great photos in a small form factor,” he said. 📷 . “So, it’s always in my pocket, I can shoot anywhere, anytime,” he added.🌎 . . . . #instagood #photography #photographer #photographyislife #photo #photooftheday #beautiful #bnw #blackandwhite #black #white #grayscale #creative #thecreativecats #romania #france

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Part 3:

Read below for Part 3 of 3 of our interview with @pierrepichotphoto 📷 . On the lines of inspiration, Pierre finds that Instagram can be a great source of inspiration. “On the photography side, it goes from Cartier-Bresson to McCurry, from Vivian Maier to Boogie, to name the most famous photographers,”he said. . “Currently I’m also enjoying this wave of Japanese street photographers like Tatsuo Suzuki and Tadashi Onishi. As previously said, Tsutomo Nihei, as well as Frank Miller, are inspirations for me, on a more graphical side,”he added. . Pierre plans to continue travelling, with Prague being his next destination. “I’ve been lucky to spend a few incredible weeks in Japan in 2015, it really helped to raise my photography skills and my portfolio,” he said. . “Secondly, I’ve done a few teaching materials for an association here in Romania, I’m planning to expand it and propose it on my website www.pierrepichot.com ,”he concluded. #thecreativecats #photography #picoftheday #photo #blackandwhite #bnw #black #white #beautiful #instagood #france #europe

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Thanks again the Cats!